Payday Loans

Payday loans applyOur Payday loan brokers can quickly arrange any type of Payday Loan from £50 – £1000 with same day instant payout methods. There are no credit checks required and no employments checks. All we need to see is your ID and proof of home residence and bank account information.

Payday & Short Term Loan comparison

We use our market knowledge to carryfully access your short term loan application to ensure we only approach the right kind of lenders who will not only borrow you the loan you require, but also that the application process is successful. We use loan comparsion tools such as to compare the market, evaluate loan rates and check on lenders terms and conditions. We also use various loan checking tools and allow us to compare all the short term lenders within a matter of minutes to ensure we have access to the cheapest loans.

Some of the Payday and Short term lenders we use are:

We have a carefully selected range of of over 18 direct loan lenders to choose from. This means we can arrange a loan for almost any type of person regardless of your credit rating, employment, or verified income. Some of our lenders will require a credit check to be done, while others will not. Each Payday lender has their own rules and requirements and we will only select the lender that best suits your individual needs. We use tools such as to carry out credit checks where required, and this will only be done with your prior approval.

Important: Our credit checks do not hard your credit rating!

Wonga Loans

Our short term loans could be a big help if you need a small amount of extra cash. You can see all costs upfront, and there’s a single repayment

You set when you want to repay. We’ll take repayment from your debit card automatically

New customers can borrow up to £400.

QuickQuid Loans

Are designed to help you bridge the gap between paydays, QuickQuid short-term loans can help cover any unexpected expenses or temporary cash-flow problems. QuickQuid loans are not appropriate for long-term borrowing, or if you are in financial difficulty.

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Complete the online application in minutes and submit. We’ll review your information and make a lending decision shortly after.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to